Privacy Mission Statement
Your privacy is one of our priorities. 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited's Privacy Office works to protect the privacy of its employees, customers, tenants guarantors and related third parties whose data we collect. The Office ensures Best Practices are followed with the use and disclosure of data and to develop and support a culture that values privacy by creating awareness and staying abreast of technology and regulations.
Privacy Policy Scope
This statement applies to the collection, processing and storage of personal information about an identifiable individual (you), that 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited's (3-2-1 GoCheck, we or us) collects relating to your application to rent a private accommodation in the United Kingdom.
The scope of personal information collected and reason for doing so.
Table 1: below present the reasons for collecting personal information, the general types of personal information we collect, and its source
Reason for collectionTypes of information collectedSource(s) of information
Proof of right to rent: Biometric page form passport or similar as specified by the Home Office.Full current & previous name(s). Photograph, Expiry date, nationality, date of birth signature, leave expiry date, biometric details, photograph or any page containing information indicating that the holder has an entitlement to enter or remain in the UKT,G
Proof of right to rent: Signature page from passport or similar as specified by the Home Office.Name and signatureT,G
Credit worthiness.Credit card/accounts held repayment history; bankruptcies and county court judgements.T,G, credit agency/ public records.
Code of conduct validation company brand protectionSocial/ news media, previous & current landlords), tenancy details, character reference. statements, identification verificationTG social/news media landlord
Data securityIP address, network usage details, log details, IP address, login credentials, file access, electronic mail address, telephone, mobile activities.You, remote monitoring
Technical performanceComputer and network activityT. G. computer, network activities
Basis for the collection, processing and storage of personal information
Table 2: below present the basis for collecting personal information, the general types of personal information we collect, and its source.
Basis for collectionDescription
Legal obligation to:Meet a UK legal obligation
Meet an obligation under contract with "you"
Meet a legitimate interest given "your" informed approval to do so
To meet 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited service requirements which includes but not limited to:Using data to help ensure the prevention of fraud and money laundering:
Using data to help ensure all debts are recovered:
Using data to help ensure decisions are made based on credit scores:
Using data to help decide suitability to rent a property,
Using data to engage other third parties
To meet 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited's obligation to Parties by:Disclosing where necesay to Parties personal data (including but not limited to financial and credit history) toa credit referencing agency and/or fraud prevention agency.

Disclosing a tenant's /guarantor's personal data to another party (current/previous employer/landlord for example) for the sole purpose of helping to make a tenancy decision.
Consent granted:3-2-1 GoCheck Limited will have received your consent to collect, process, store and use personal information when your account was created.

Note: Consent can be withdrawn by sending an email to the Privacy Officer using [email protected]
Conditions under which personal data is shared outside of 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited.
3-2-1 GoCheck Limited collect information for the purposes listed below in Table 3.
To conduct checks & gather informationBackground checks require us to find or validate personal information with third party sources. This necessitates the provision of your personal information to allow the third party to find records about you. We generally transmit information of the third party's choosing that is required typically via a web site, phone call or email.
To facilitate engagement with service provider(s)Data storage providers, including data centres/cloud providers, applicant tracking systems, human resources information systems and other related IT support systems
Accuracy of personal information
3-2-1 GoCheck Limited will take reasonable steps to collect and store only accurate and current details. Note however most of the information collected comes directly from you, therefore you are responsible for its accuracy. In the event however you deem your data neither accurate or current, do contact 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited using [email protected]. 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited will then carry out further checks an updated interested parties where necessary.
Personal information: length of storage
Personal information is stored for as long as legally and contractually required. It is subsequently deleted or anonymized after the legal and contractual obligations are met.
Protection of personal information
3-2-1 GoCheck Limited use a UK based Infrastructure as a Service provider. Security details are available on request.
All 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited employees are initially carefully screened then undergo regular security and privacy training. Access is only given to your personal information when employees are required to execute their duties.
Notes about privacy policy
All information supplied to us will be handled in accordance with The General Data Production Regulations (GDPR). For more information regarding this policy feel free to contact 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited using: [email protected]
This website is being managed by 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited which is also the data controller for the UK data protection law and GDPR. For more information please contact: [email protected]
3-2-1 GoCheck Limited Privacy Policy does not extend to another party's website that may be linked to 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited.
Use of 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited's website is intended for UK citizens or people planning to rent private accommodation in the UK and their referees.
Storage, use and transmission of personal information relating to you/Guarantor or a Customer is subject to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
General information
3-2-1 GoCheck Limited will on a best efforts basis aim to ensure your privacy is protected once data is submitted. Throughout the remainder of this Privacy Policy references to Parties will include: "we" or "us" shall mean 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited;
"you" shall mean the user of this website (which may include Customer(s) (landlord, agent), Tenant(s) and Guarantor(s)); "Customer(s)"shall mean persons or agents who are users of 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited's website;
"Guarantor(s)" shall mean individual(s) required to guarantee the payment of rents by Tenant(s) to landlord(s) and whose personal information is submitted by via the Website or Electronic application by a Customer or by Tenant and "Guarantor";
"the Services" shall mean services made avilable to Customer(s) via the Website or Electronic application; it may include the tenant vetting service (which may involve the gathering of credit, employment or other associated information relating to Tenants / Guarantors; "Tenants" shall mean persons who are existing or potential tenants of Customers whose personal information is supplied to 3-2-1 GoCheck Limited's (whether via the Website or Electronic application) either by Customers or by the tenant or prospective tenant themselves;
and "the Website or Electronic application" means the website on which this Privacy Policy appears, accessible at;