3-2-1-GoCheck Design

The toolbox of visual design elements that help build our brand. Please contact us at [email protected] for any other brand usage not covered by these guidelines.


“3-2-1-GoCheck”, the company and the application, is always referred to as “3-2-1-GoCheck” and not “321GoCheck” or “321gocheck”.

The Logo

The 3-2-1-GoCheck logo consists of one element; the lettermark (check) It's an instantly reconisable brand element and should be represented consistently throughout our product and marketing efforts.

Logo Clear Space

To ensure the right amount of breathing space around the 3-2-1-GoCheck logo the following process should be applied

Logo Placement

When it comes to logo placement, we have a few options. Whenever possible, place the logo left-aligned at the bottom of the layout.

Placement Partner & Sponsors

When combining the 3-2-1-Gocheck Wordmark with other logos, it's important to make sure there is enough spacing provided between the logos. The logos should be separated by a 1px or 2px white stroke,

Horizontal partnership lockup
Square partnership Lockup